Gina Brown graduated from Newcastle University in 2012 with a BA degree with Honours in Fine Art. She has since been represented by online gallery New Blood Art and is currently with Lane House Arts, Bath. Gina continues to establish her presence in the artistic community with open submissions and exhibitions. She was shortlisted for both the Neo:art prize 2013 and New Lights art prize 2013, where she was awarded the Curzon Ripon art prize which resulted in a solo show in Spring 2014. She has also created a new Signature Collection of apparel that represents a selection of her artwork; authentic to the key themes of her practice.

Gina’s work was selected for the National Open Art Exhibition 2016, where she was honoured to receive the Peaches Miniature Award.

 Gina currently lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Personal Statement

I create biographical paintings that look at the compulsion to collect keepsakes and mementos as a powerful means of possession. Working from photographic sources i hint at the illusion of intimacy and the desire to form an attachment with remnants of the past; such as postcard beauties of the Edwardian era or faded family photos from an old album.

With translucent layers of oil paint and muted colours I stay faithful to the source whilst omitting key details and features to recreate the image and claim it as my own. The inner faces i paint are tinged with melancholy and the fleeting transience of youth and beauty. This inspires a compelling narrative as i collect, reclaim and translate a forgotten source into a painting and someone else forms an attachment; feeling a sense of belonging or sentiment. In my work this underlines a haunting ambivalence which ultimately represents nostalgic ideas of familiarity and intrigue.

“It is like I am looking at my own family photos, like i belong, like they belong to me…”



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2016, The Peaches Miniature Award, NOA

2013, The Curzon Ripon art prize, New Lights


Solo Exhibitions

2017, ‘Belonging’, Lane House Arts, Bath

2015, ‘Postcard Beauties’, Quilliam Brothers Tea House, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2014, ‘Postcard Beauties’, The Curzon, Ripon


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries, London

2016, The National Open Art exhibition, Mercers Hall, London

2015-2016, ‘Winter Treasure’, Lane House Arts, Bath

2015, Fringe Arts Bath Open Art Prize, 44AD Artspace, Bath

2014/2015, ‘New Narratives’, Lane House Arts, Bath

2014, ‘eighthwonder’, 44AD, Bath

2014, ‘Laura’s Place’, 44AD, Bath

2014, New Lights art prize, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2013, New Lights art prize, The Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate

2013, Ones To Watch: Part 1 & 2, Lane House Arts, Bath

2013, neo:artprize 2013, Bolton

2013, The Art of Midwifery, University of Salford, Greater Manchester

2012, In Which Sad Light a Carved Dolphin Swam, London

2012, New Blood Art, London

2012, PAUSE, The Rag Factory, London